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SAM Overseas Consulting (Chongqing) used to be called UTA Consulting, with 10 years of experience in US immigration consulting,and 7 years of outsourcing services to American law firms.

Our Services for Relatives Immigration(including marriage-based immigration and fiance(e) visa)
1. Preparing and filing the immigration petition in US Citizenship and Immigration Service(USCIS)

2. Preparing and filing the affidavit of support in National Visa Center

3. Preparing and filing the paperwork of immigration visa application in U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou,China, or the paperwork of the adjustment of status in the US(if applicable)
4. Evidence collecting and preparation to establish the bona fides of your marriage or the relationship
5. Detailed guidance for affidavit of support and medical examination
6. Immigration visa interview training
Normally we charge $1,500 for relatives immigration(including marriage-based immigration, fiance(e) visa-K1, spouse visit visa-K3). The agreement between the client and us will commence upon it is signed by both parties and the service fee is paid in full by the client, and will continue in force and effect till the client receives the immigrant visa(or K visa) from U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou, China.
Refund Policy
a. full refund is given if the client fails to receive the approval notice from USCIS regarding his/her immigration petition.
b. half refund is given if the client fails to receive the immigrant visa from U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou,China.
c. Refund is not given upon signature by both parties if the client terminates the agreement without our approval, if the client fails to disclose necessary material facts and information as required which result in the termination of the immigration process, or if the client fails to receive the immigrant visa due to his/her illness found in the immigration medical examination.

Other Services: 

-- Visa application and interview training for nonimmigrant visa such as F, B, E, H, K, J, L visas, etc.
-- Immigration: Spouse; Relatives;  Fiance & Fiancee; Investment and employment; Religious Workers; Person of Extraordinary Ability; Multinational Executives, Alien Entrepreneur
-- Naturalization: from permanent resident to US citizen

-- Adjustment: from nonimmigrant visa to immigrant visa
-- Administrative Appeals: appeals of denied petitions

-- Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status: for nonimmigrants to request extensions of stay or changes from one nonimmigrant category to another nonimmigrant category.

-- Waiver of the Two-Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement upon completion of the J-1 exchange visitor program (Professors or scholars, Research assistants, Students, Trainees, Teachers, Specialists, Nannies/Au pairs, Camp counselors)

-- Application for Employment Authorization

-- Troubleshooting and remedy for problematic nonimmigrant and immigrant visa application

-- Summer camp in the US

Why SAM? 

-- We have 10 years of experience in US immigration consulting, and 7 years of outsourcing services for the law firms based in the United States. We handled all kinds of complicated immigration cases and we are quite familiar with the US immigration law and regulations.

-- All our employees are bilingual, and have rich experience working in cross cultural environment. We can help clients overcome the language and cultural obstacles to get the suitable solution for their immigration purpose.

-- Comparing with other counterparts in the US, we are more familiar with the Chinese culture, social and economic status here in China, so that we can  provide more flexible and tailored solutions and cater to the client's need, avoiding unnecessary mistakes the counterparts often make because of their less knowledge of China and Chinese culture.

-- We helped hundreds of couples get reunion.

-- Together with our business partners, we provide comprehensive solutions to client's need: immigration, education, legal assistance, business,etc.

-- Not only do we help clients get approval letter from USCIS for their immigration purpose, but also we help them have family reunion, get better education and live a better life!

How do we differentiate SAM from American Law Firms: 

SAMAmerican Law Firms
Retainer FeeLowHigh or Normal
LanguagesChinese, EnglishEnglish
Documents Preparation for American Spouse or Fiance(e)
Documents Preparation for Chinese Spouse or Fiance(e)X
Paperwork Filing in USCIS
Facilitate the Affidavit of Support in NVC
Paperwork and Visa Interview Training for Consular ProcessingX
Refund Policy
(Please refer to the above Refund Policy for detailed info.)
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